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Berlin Institute of Health Newsletter
No 1/2020 | FEbruary Issue

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News from the BIH


BIH Biomedical Innovation Academy (BIA) Is Now Independent

Since January 2020 BIA has been independent and now acts as an independent innovation driver within BIH, just like BIH QUEST and BIH Innovations. The independence is in line with the BIA mission and the differentiation of the BIA fields of action: strategic career development, innovative career paths and new models for academic innovation. BIA and BIH QUEST remain strong partners in the areas of Training & Education, Monitoring & Incentive and Meta Research.
More about the BIA
Berlin Institute of Health Newsletter

BIH QUEST Center Starts First Project with the European University Hospital Alliance on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

Together with the European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA), the BIH QUEST Center aims to be a driving force for responsible research and innovation and to contribute to the global discourse by sharing views in all research and innovation related issues.
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BIH Research Platforms Accept New Members

After almost a year of successful activities, the four BIH research platforms Digital Medicine, Clinical Translational SciencesMultiscale Omics and Humanized Model Systems and Cell Engineering are now welcoming new members. The platforms bring together scientists and clinicians from various disciplines and institutes with the aim of devolping innovative technologies and research projects. Each platform is supported by Core Facilities, which offer excellent scientific services.

If you are interested in becoming a member of a platform, you can register here.
Berlin Institute of Health Newsletter

Patient & Stakeholder Engagement: Launch of the Website

In December 2019, the BIH QUEST Center launched an information service on its website about Patient & Stakeholder Engagement in Health Research. The website contains current calls for proposals and information on research policy (in German only), practical guidelines for patient involvement in research and further information on the topic.
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Results of the Survey on the Research Climate at Charité

In February 2018, the BIH QUEST Center in cooperation with the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) conducted a survey on the research climate at the Charité. The survey focused on the research climate in terms of both translation and responsible research practices. A repeat of the survey is planned for 2021.

A summary of the most important results can be read (in German only) on the Charité intranet here (internal link). Detailed results for all of them are listed here as a preprint.
Berlin Institute of Health Newsletter

Online Survey on the Use of Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs)

The BIH QUEST Center is currently running an online survey at Charité and MDC. Survey results will provide empirical data on whether and how researchers in the academia adapt ELNs.
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The BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies (BCRT) on

Since 2019, the BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies (BCRT) is part of the BIH. Now the BCRT has also moved to the BIH website.

To the website
Berlin Institute of Health Newsletter

RESTORE at the European Parliament in Brussels

On 5 December 2019, RESTORE members and supporters attended a lunchtime session at the European Parliament in Brussels to speak about Advanced Therapies. The debate, organized by RESTORE and hosted by MEP Dr Christian Ehler, highlighted the increasing healthcare costs imposed by chronic diseases in Europe, which have both economic and social implications.

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BIH Paper of the Month


New therapy for cystic fibrosis patients

Marcus Mall received the Paper of the Month October 2019 Award. Marcus Mall is Head of the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Pneumonology, Immunology and Intensive Medicine.
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Do CAR T cells fight tumors on the retina in the eye? 

In September 2019, Annette Künkele received the Paper of the Month Award. Annette Künkele is a pediatrician at the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Oncology and Hematology at Charité.
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The event overview will be presented in a new way this year as well. Instead of the individual announcements, we will regularly give you a collected overview of the BIH events on Monday. If you would like to receive this overview, please register under Many thanks. The event overview will be published in English.

In the newsletter we will regularly present event reviews.

Event Review

Group image CSP Retreat

Impressions from the Clinician Scientist Retreat 2020

Full house at Genshagen Castle: this year's Clinician Scientist Retreat on 23+24 January 2020 has exceeded all expectations: About 150 participants had scientific discussions and exchanged views on strategic BIH and Charité issues. Another highlight was the fireside chat between BIA Director Prof. Dragun and the new Charité CEO Prof. Heyo K. Kroemer. Impressions of the retreat can be found here.
Guests at Digital Health Forum listening to speaker

The BIH Digital Health Forum Celebrates its First Event of 2020

The BIH Digital Health Forum started the year successfully with "The Future of Digital Global Health". Talks were given by E. Capobianco, The Lancet/Financial Times Commission "Governing Health Futures 2030", Prof. T. Kühne (Charité), V. Stephani (TUB) and J. Emmrich and S. Knauss, leads of the BIH Digital Health Accelerator supported project mTOMADY.

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BIH Workshop – How to Translate ATMPs into the Clinic

To treat serious and rare diseases, gene, cell and tissue therapies, so-called "Advanced Therapies" (ATMPs, Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products), are increasingly used. On 9 December 2019, the platform Humanized Model Systems held a workshop at the BIH that dealt with the challenges for the development of ATMPs.

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Berlin Institute of Health Newsletter

Kick-off Workshop Translational Vascular Biomedicine

On 10 December 2019, more than 60 scientists and clinicians from BIH, Charité and MDC met at the kick-off workshop for the focus area Translational Vascular Biomedicine at BIMSB. In 20 flash talks the participants presented current issues and unmet clinical needs in the area of vascular biomedicine.
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Women and Artificial Intelligence In Medicine

Does artificial intelligence disadvantage female patients? This question was the focus of the BIH conference "Healthy Algorithms? Women and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare" on 16 December 2019 in the Hörsaalruine of Charité. Inspiring speakers discussed the eHealth scene in Germany and where there is still room for improvement in gender issues.
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Call for Applications

Meeting at the laptop

Open Call: BIH Cohort Sequencing Grants

The BIH Cohort Sequencing Program funds a broad range of sequencing technologies applied to patient cohorts and their respective preclinical models with up to 250,000 € per project. The selection procedure is two-tiered. The deadline is 24 February 2020. A separate call of the BIH Single Cell Sequencing Program will follow soon.

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The QUEST 1,000 € Patient & Stakeholder Engagement Award

The BIH QUEST Center has been awarded the BIH QUEST Award for Patient & Stakeholder Engagement: Publications of studies from 2017 onwards from the BIH research area in which patients or other stakeholders were actively involved in the research process can be submitted. We are pleased to announce the first awardee, Daniel Pach from the Institute of Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics.
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New Faces at the BIH

Team Science & Operations

Rukeia El-Athman, PhD

Rukeia El-Athman is Scientific Coordinator in the Science & Operations team and will support the further realization and implementation of the planned activities of the BIH research platform Multiscale Omics and the focus areas Translational Vascular Biomedicine and Single Cell Technologies for Personalized Medicine
Berlin Institute of Health Newsletter

Christian Gallus, PhD

As Scientific Coordinator in the Science & Operations team, Christian Gallus will support the ongoing establishment and development of the BIH research platform Humanized Model Systems and Cell Engineering as well as the focus area Regenerative Therapies
Berlin Institute of Health Newsletter

Team Management

Matthias Hahn

Matthias Hahn joined BIH in December 2019 as Personal Advisor to the CEO. Prior he worked in the same position for the president of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Before that he gained work experiences in the marketing division of a company in the solar sector and as a Coordinator of a Sino-German science project.
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Team Finance

Timo Weber

Since January 2020 Timo Weber is Team Leader Finance and Controlling at the BIH and brings many years of experience in these areas. His last position was Head of Financial Management at a social institution in Berlin.
Berlin Institute of Health Newsletter

Sabine Helemann

Sabine Helemann has been working as an Accountant with tax processing in the finance department since November 2019. Most recently she worked as a Tax Consultant for a media group.
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Team Human Resources

Eva Serena

Eva Serena joins the Administration Department as a Human Resources Administrator. With her experience as a specialist at various human resources providers, she will support the HR team in all matters.
Berlin Institute of Health Newsletter

Team BIH Innovations

Stefanie Grunwald, PhD

With strong expertise in cell biology and therapy development Stefanie Grunwald strengthens the team of BIH Innovations in the field of cell/therapies and is a candidate for European and German Patent Attorney.